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You may want to know- what is TDEE? In general, TDEE signifies how much calories have been used by in one day. It includes some factors, like your work, sleep, workout, and everyday activity.

ALSOFT's TDEE calculator is significant as it enables you to make out the calorie amount, which you must consume on the basis of your own goals. Whether your aim is to have some muscle or to sustain the weight, you have to calculate TDEE.

Apart from the aforementioned lines, BMR is a wide concept and involves a lot of nitty-gritty but you don't have to become a student of science to understand BMR, all you need is our online BMR calculator, feed the data and leave the rest to our BMR calculator.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure depends on your BMR!

Before discussing about our innovative calculator, we want to say that the BMR can be measured precisely, only when the Sympathetic Nervous System of the person does not remain active. Your own BMR stands for the amount of calories, burnt by your body, while you are at complete rest. ALSOFT's calorie expenditure calculator may analyze the accurate level of calorie, needed by your body in order to support your physical system.

It is known to all that your BMR is mainly the computation of energies, used by your own body for your survival. However, the number that you get does not denote the calories, required for cooking your food or brushing teeth. The term- basal refers to the word- fundamental.

We would like to draw your attention to the point that none of the calculators will give you the exact picture of your BMR rate. Although there are many companies claiming the fact of having the best and accurate BMR calculator for men, BMR calculator for women, giving 100 % correct result but, this is not true. Since the body is changing every day, it's not necessary that you BMR calculators will give you the exact BMR rate. Suppose your body is injured or you are sick, in such cases even if your body is in resting stage it will burn more calories. Hence, BMR rate changes continuously but a basic understanding of Basal Metabolic Rate will help you strategize your body's basic calorie requirement.

While you use BMR calculation system of ALSOFT, you can work out the particular number. Obviously, it gives you a better concept on the way of preparing the best program for losing fat. So, ALSOFT serves you with its best weight loss calculator.

However, remember that your physical mechanism is altering on a daily basis. For example, when you get wounded, your system may work very hard in order to cure the part. In this case, you may burn huge amount of calories. Thus, though our calculator is accurate, it may give varying results due to your own physical functions.

Best formula used in the system for TDEE calculation.

While you are searching for some BMR calculators online, you may observe that there are some variations. ALSOFT has recognized the fact that the most accurate result can be derived with the use of a special equation- Miffin-St Jeor formula. So, our calculator for analyzing the expenditure of energy is based on such equation.

Another important point about our calculator is that you can make use of the system very easily. It does not involve any costly and intricate process. Any user may utilize the calculator in an effortless way.

Easy to calculate TDEE with this innovative onine tool.

You may instantly determine your own BMR with our online calculator that only wants you to provide some data for generating the results. You do not need to install our software. Our system can work on the online platform; thus, there is no hassle of downloading it. Our advanced level of calculator will show you the accurate result immediately, just after you have inputted the details on-

  • Height
  • Gender
  • Activity
  • Age
  • Body weight

Does BMR differs from TDEE

The most significant feature of our calculator is that it can reveal you both TDEE and BMR. However, we have seen that many users cannot find the difference between these two terms. They are quite related to each other. You have to know the BMR value in order to estimate another one. But, the energy expenditure involves your everyday activity also, and it shows the figure, which is more accurate to the particular situation. In fact, the calculation of energy outflow depends on the classification of your regular activity.

Thus, ALSOFT presents you with the best online tool with which you may have a control over the metabolism of your body. To reduce the weight, it is essential to become much active. You can also try to lower your calorie intake. And your calorie expenditure can easily be calculated with ALSOFT'S tool.