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Many sportsmen, particularly in contact sports like American Football or sumo wrestling, are overweight. They are not unhealthy though; they consume large amounts of food because they also expend a large amount of energy during their sporting activities. This is a reason why a large number of sportsmen or army veterans turn overweight after they retire; they retain their appetite but no longer spend the same amount of energy they used to through intense physical activity. As a result, the body stores unutilised energy in the form of body fat.

High body fat percentage can pose a serious risk to health if it is not in accordance with your lifestyle. A high activity lifestyle, like sportsmen, can cope with a high body fat percentage while a sedentary lifestyle, like office workers, is more suited to a low body fat percentage. Body fat percentage is calculated as the ratio of total body fat to the total body mass. This is more accurate as a measure of a person's fitness because it does not take into account the person's height. Body mass index measures the adiposity with respect to a person's height, which does not take into account people with muscle mass or weight of the bones; therefore body fat percentage is a better tool for measuring personal health than body mass index measurements.


It is important to know where you stand. The body fat calculator can help give you precious perspective about the physical state of your body and determine if you really do have a problem with excess body fat by telling you the body fat percentage. There are significant differences in the way body fat is stored in the body for men and women: men tend to store body fat around internal organs whereas the female body accumulates fat mostly under the skin. This results in men having a greater risk from obesity. Knowing how to measure body fat is a step forward for being more health conscious.

ALSOFT has been developing accurate and useful software tools for a very long time that help people live better and healthier. Our BF calculator or body fat calculator is highly accurate and uses the core formula developed by the armed forces of the country.

Using the ALSOFT body fat calculator you can get an accurate picture about your health scenario and what changes you should implement in your lifestyle. Body fat percentage is an important health metric because it is a proportional measurement and offers significant advantages over other tools like body mass index. ALSOFT body fat calculator is a very effective software tool, but do remember that it is only indicative of the reality. The system requires perfectly accurate data to work properly. So do visit a licensed medical practitioner if you need perfectly accurate body fat percentage measurements. Always follow a physician's advice when it comes to diet and exercise recommendations.

The formula to calculate body fat according to the army body fat calculator is often as follows:

  • For men, all measurements in inches:
    %Fat = 86.010*LOG(abdomen - neck) - 70.041*LOG(height) + 36.76
  • For men, all measurements in centimeters:
    %Fat = 86.010*LOG(abdomen - neck) - 70.041*LOG(height) + 30.30
  • For women, all measurements in inches:
    %Fat = 163.205*LOG(abdomen + hip - neck) - 97.684*LOG(height) - 78.387
  • For women, all measurements in centimeters:
    %Fat = 163.205*LOG(abdomen + hip - neck) - 97.684*LOG(height) - 104.912

The above formula is used chiefly to calculate fat percentage with respect to the total body weight.

The above data is given only for reference purposes so that you can get complete peace of mind and verify the results if you want to. Rest assured though that ALSOFT body fat calculator offers a great way to calculate body fat percentage and generates very accurate results. We have developed our software tools with great care and with additional features that gives you results that you can actually work with. There are other online calculator tools available online but only ALSOFT body fat calculator tool promises the most relevant results with highest accuracy.