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Number of Drinks

12 fl oz beers :

Weight in pounds :

5 fl oz glasses of wine

Over how many hours :

1.5 fl oz shots of hard liquor

Gender :

Estimated BAC   
BAC Analysis

Various types of alcohol calculators:

There are various alcohol calculators in the market and even one can calculate it online using varied calculators which are available. However, not all of them are accurate as blood alcohol levels depend on a number of variables. Most calculate the blood alcohol level based on the amount of alcohol consumed by you, your weight & the time. They, however, do not take into account the type of alcohol consumed or the gender of the person.

These calculators are used to estimate when you can drive legally. The blood alcohol concentration is also used to check the level of intoxication & it measures the impairment of the person. The degree of impairment, however, can vary among different individuals who have the same blood alcohol concentration and so it is not possible to contest it in the court. However, when people have crossed the legal limit alcohol consumption, they are not allowed to operate motor vehicles or even heavy machinery. They also are not allowed to operate aircraft or boats as well.

The ALSOFT drink calculator( Blood alcohol concentration calculator):

ALSOFTS online drink calculator or Blood alcohol concentration calculator is ingeniously & aptly developed making it one of the most trustworthy calculator as it categorizes the kind of alcohol into beers, wine, & hard liquor. It also checks the weight of the person, how many hours ago this was consumed & the gender of the person. Based on this, the estimated BAC is calculated and the analysis is given.

The reason for categorizing the different kinds of alcohol are due to the fact that different drinks have varied alcohol content and so does the standard drink size for different drinks vary. For example, a standard beer is different to a standard whiskey size & each has a different alcohol content as well. A standard beer is 12 flox and wine is 5 fl oz. whereas hard liquor is 1.5 fl oz. Therefore it can be summarized by stating that the standard drink contains 14 grams or 0.49 oz of pure alcohol.

Beer usually has an alcohol content of 4% to 6% though some malt liquor or craft beer can go up to 12%. A standard wine (red, white, sparkling or rose and even champagne has 12% of alcohol. A shot of hard liquor contains 40% alcohol and some are even stronger.

Factors affecting BAC:

The BAC rises faster if hard liquor is consumed rather than the wine or beer. Mixed drinks too contain more alcohol than standard ones. When checking the legal drinking limit one should not disregard the gender as well as the age & weight of the person. As men's bodies contain more water and so can dilute the alcohol more than women's bodies.

The weight affects the BAC as the more you weigh, the more water is contained in the body and so alcohol gets diluted and that slows the absorption. Alcohol is also absorbed through muscle tissues and not through fat and so based on the amount of fat you have, the higher your BAC will be. Older people have slower metabolisms and so they cannot process alcohol as quickly as younger people.

Based on how fast the alcohol is consumed, the BAC rises as only a certain amount can be processed by the body at a time and so the more you have in your stomach as well as in your bloodstream, the higher will be the BAC. The other factors that affect BAC are the emotional state the person is in, diabetes, hereditary factors as well as water or juice mixed with alcohol – these slow down the absorption & result in lower BAC. Carbonated beverages, on the other hand, speed up absorption and result in higher BAC.

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  • Our blood alcohol content calculator is more accurate than most others.
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  • It estimates not only the BAC but does the BAC analysis as well.
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