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Body Mass Index

While BMI is less than 18.5, called underweight. While BMI is from 18.5 to 24.9, called normal weight. While BMI is from 25 to 29.9, called over weight. BMI ≥ 30 is called obese.

What does a BMI calculator reveal?

BMI calculator reveals a divergent set of information specifying the categories such as obese, overweight, underweight, and normal weight.

What does my BMI reveal?

BMI or the Body Mass Index is an attempt made by the health experts to quantify the amount of fat or tissue present in the body. Based on the calculation of the bmi index, the patients are then categorized as Underweight, Normal, Overweight & Obese.

Here is how the classification of the individuals under different mentioned categories is done:

  • Underweight Individuals: Individuals with a Body Mass index value of 18.5 and below are categorized as underweight. Such people can't endure strong medicines and are generally termed as weak which is why they must pay immediate attention to proper nutritional intake.
  • Normal Weight Individuals: Normal Individuals with a Body Mass index value ranging between 18.6 and 25 are kept under the normal slab. Such individuals are average weighted and require no extra diet. They can endure most of the medicines and will mostly be active with no or minimal risk of hypertension & cardiovascular issues.
  • Overweight Individuals: They are the ones having a Body Mass index value of over 25 and below 30. Such individuals have a little extra fat in them which needs to be reduced at the earliest in order to prevent it from growing exponentially. It is also better for such individuals to exercise regularly because even though they are not suffering from issues like obesity, they are at a higher risk.
  • Obese: Individuals with a Body Mass index value above 30 are termed as obese. Such individuals have a lot of extra weight as compared to their height. Whether it is a kid, an adult or an old person, the obese slab is dangerous for all of them as it puts them under the risk of several incurable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure & cardiovascular issues as well.

BMI calculator as your personal health instructor:

Online BMI calculators are a good accompaniment to a health professional, obviously, they cannot substitute them but with the information revealed by them, it becomes easy for a person to manage his weight & plan the diet accordingly. The BMI classification imparts knowledge to every individual to improve their health. We know the age-old adage stating, health is wealth and precaution is better than cure. This health instructor warns us with our increasing or decreasing weight so that we can take necessary action in time.
The problems of obesity-related illnesses are soaring to new heights. Its won't be fallacious to say that anything that educates people about their health and intimates them proactively about their health status is a panacea in time like today. ALSOFT has initiated its first step towards generating awareness about people's' health, our scientifically designed BMI calculator are the best way to calculate bmi. You may encounter plethora of BMI calculators on the internet but here is what makes us different and stand above the rest:

  • Our calculators are scientifically designed.
  • Apart from displaying the result like overweight, underweight, and normal weight, ALSOFT BMI calculator shows what should be the ideal weight for a person of a specific height.
  • You can feed the information in different scale of measurements like feet, centimetres and inches.
  • The results displayed by ALSOFT BMI calculator are accurate.
  • You can also get a comparative analysis of people falling in your age group and height.
  • The values entered in ALSOFT BMI calculator is never shared anywhere else hence, the confidentiality of your data is guaranteed.
  • And most importantly its ease of use.

ALSOFT has designed & developed this calculator keeping in mind the need of people to avail services at the click of a button. Our designed BMI calculator ideally displays the index for men, women, and children, so that you don't have to search for separate BMI calculator for men and BMI calculator for women.
BMI calculators have emerged as a great tool to keep a check on the health and manage it for a long time. It would not be wrong to say that they are your invisible health instructor. We wish you a happy and healthy life, remember, healthy body is a hub for healthy mind and soul. Stay Healthy and Feel Better.